Why should I join Dancing Horse Dressage & CT?

Dancing Horse Dressage & CT is a Group Member Organization of USDF.

  • Dressage education is delivered locally and through my local group I can influence the national dressage scene
  • I receive the USDF Connection, USDF's monthly magazine
  • I am eligible to compete at USDF-recognized/USEF licensed shows
  • I can earn awards through the USDF Rider Award Program
  • I earn USDF University Program credits and can present those as evidence of my continuing education for my license.
  • I receive member discount rates for USDF events (Continuing Education Programs for Judges and USDF "L" Program Graduates; Adequan/USDF National Symposium; the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention; USDF Sport Horse Seminars; and the USDF Sport Horse Handlers Clinics
  • My GMO can apply to The Dressage Foundation for a Violet Hopkins Fund grant or Dancing Horse Fund grant
  • If I am an adult amateur, I can apply for a Carol Lavell ‘Gifted’ grant for training through The Dressage Foundation
  • We can receive brochures on and USDF staff support for USDF Programs such as "L" Program, Instructor Certification Workshops, and Adult Camps
  • I can ride in or audit the USDF Adult Clinic series
  • I can ride in USDF Adult Team Competitions
  • I can participate in the GMO Points program to earn items for my GMO from USDF
  • I can receive RSS Newsfeeds for news on any website participating with the USDF
  • I receive free brochures for USDF events
  • USDF staff provide high quality advertisements and press releases our GMO can use to reach more dressage enthusiasts
  • My GMO can receive educational and competition grants through our Region
  • I share my voice and my local experience in dressage with other dressage enthusiasts to guide dressage programs in the United States through my participation in the USDF convention.
  • At the end of the day, the legacy of USDF educational programs and infrastructure can touch the lives of group members each time you ride in a clinic or lesson taught by a USDF Certified Instructor or ride down centerline in front of an L graduate (who may have now advanced into the USEF dressage judging ranks). USDF is a national organization that draws attention to and helps build interest in dressage.

Group Members of USDF = strong GMOs and a strong national dressage investment.

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