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Dressage classes follow USEF, USDF, FEI, or WDAA rules as appropriate, with an exception to DR120 Dress Code. For all test levels, riders are not required to wear a riding coat. Shirts must have sleeves (long or short) and a collar, without neckwear.

Link Title URL
USDF Member Guide
USDF Tests (Intro and Freestyle
Musical Freestyle Rules
USEF Rulebook
USEF Dressage Tests (Training through Level 4)
FEI Dressage Rules
FEI Tests
Western Dressage Rules
Western Dressage Tests


Helmets meeting or exceeding ASTM standards are required when mounted.

Boots with heel are required. Half chaps are allowed through first level.

Tack, including bits, must follow the rules appropriate for the class (as indicated in the rulebooks linked above). It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure all tack is compliant.



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