2017 Series Awards Eligibility: Volunteer hours required

DHD Volunteer_status Sept-26-17

Volunteer Opportunities

We need volunteers for our shows, clinics and special projects through the year.  Volunteer opportunities for shows include advance preparation and show day activities, such as set up/tear down, packet preparation, scribes, gatekeepers, runners, office staff and in the barn.  Volunteers should sign in with the event coordinator to record their hours.  To volunteer, come to a meeting or e-mail Chase DeMarco at Chase_demarco@yahoo.com!

Series Awards and Rewards Program

DHD members can use their volunteer hours either for Series Award eligibility or for Rewards, but the same hours cannot be used for both.  Eligibility for Awards requires a 4 hour “balance” of volunteer hours by the end of the membership year, Nov 30.  DHD members may choose how to use their volunteer hours.  For 2017 ONLY, unused hours from 2016 may be carried forward to the next membership year for Rewards (see Rewards below) OR Series Award eligibility. This is a test program that will be reconsidered at the end of the 2017 show season.


Example: DHD member Mary volunteered for 4 hours at one of the 2016 shows and 2 hours at a 2016 clinic, for 6 hours total in 2016.  She used 4 hours for 2016 Series Awards eligibility. Her balance of 2 hours will be carried forward to the 2017 membership year and can be used towards the 4 hours required for 2017 Series Award eligibility or the Rewards program. An additional 2 hours of volunteer time is required for either program. A further 4 hours would be required for both (Series Award Eligibility AND Rewards) in 2017.  Rewards (see below) can be used at any time during the membership year, including after the show season, if funds are still available in the program. Carry-forward and eligible use of 2017 hours into the 2018 membership year will be determined at the end of the 2017 show season.


DHD Rewards Information

» DHD Horse Rewards Application
The DHD Rewards program allows Dancing Horse Dressage & CT members to earn financial rewards to attend clinics and other educational events. The program has been set up as follows:

  • Dancing Horse Dressage & CT membership is required.
  • Volunteer service for DHD&CT club benefit is required. Four (4) volunteer hours are required to obtain one (1) DHD Reward. A maximum of two (2) DHD Rewards are available to each DHD&CT member per calendar year & not for the same event.
  • Volunteers should sign in with the event coordinator (at the office at shows) so their hours can be recorded.  Volunteer hours are not transferrable between individuals.
  • Rewards are disbursed in $50 reward amounts. Rewards are available on a first come first serve basis until the budgeted amount is exhausted.
  • Reward recipient must either 1) attend the next regular club meeting after the reward event to report back to the membership on their clinic/event experience or 2) within 30 days of the reward event, write an article for the website about their clinic/event experience. Failure to provide a report back to the membership will result denial of future DHD reward request for the member.
  • DHD rewards can be used for any clinic or educational event. The clinic/event does not have to be a DHD&CT sponsored event.
  • Rewards will only go to members with reward hours. Hours can be earned thru volunteering with the club at club functions, 4 hours will be rewarded with a $50.00 reward to be used at a clinic or lesson of the volunteers choice. The reward can be given up to 2x a year and not for the same event.
  • Rewards earned in one membership year may be carried forward to the next membership year assuming the person remains in paid membership standing and the club continues the program. A condition of reward is presenting a report to the club either written or oral. Reimbursements will be made after the report. A one month grace period in renewing membership is allowed to retain the rewards.

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