Rewards Program

The DHD Rewards program allows Dancing Horse Dressage & CT members to earn financial rewards to attend clinics and other educational events. The program has been set up as follows:

  • Dancing Horse Dressage & CT membership is required.
  • Volunteer service for DHD&CT club benefit is required. Four (4) volunteer hours are required to obtain one (1) DHD Reward. A maximum of two (2) DHD Rewards are available to each DHD&CT member per calendar year & not for the same event.
  • Volunteers should sign in with the event coordinator (at the office at shows) so their hours can be recorded.  Volunteer hours are not transferable between individuals.
  • Rewards are disbursed in $50 reward amounts. Rewards are available on a first come first serve basis until the budgeted amount is exhausted.
  • Reward recipient must either 1) attend the next regular club meeting after the reward event to report back to the membership on their clinic/event experience or 2) within 30 days of the reward event, write an article for the website about their clinic/event experience. Failure to provide a report back to the membership will result denial of future DHD reward request for the member.
  • DHD rewards can be used for any clinic or educational event. The clinic/event does not have to be a DHD&CT sponsored event.
  • Rewards will only go to members with reward hours. Hours can be earned thru volunteering with the club at club functions, 4 hours will be rewarded with a $50.00 reward to be used at a clinic or lesson of the volunteers choice. The reward can be given up to 2x a year and not for the same event.
  • Rewards earned in one membership year may be carried forward to the next membership year assuming the person remains in paid membership standing and the club continues the program. A condition of reward is presenting a report to the club either written or oral. Reimbursements will be made after the report. A one month grace period in renewing membership is allowed to retain the rewards.
  • Reward reports can be delivered at a regular monthly board meeting in person or submitted to any board member in writing via email or hard-copy.

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