Awards Program

Dancing Horse Dressage & C.T. Awards Program

Show Awards
Level High Score Awards – At each show, an award will be given to the horse and rider combination with the highest score in the show at each level (Intro, Training, First, Second and above, and Western). Membership in DHD & CT is not required. Award will be made if the level has 3 or more exhibitors.

Series Awards:

A new show series for DHD will begin each calendar year.
Class Champion and Reserve Award - These awards will be presented for each class for the DHD & CT schooling shows.  Eligibility requires 4 volunteer hours by the rider during the calendar year.  The hours must be earned during the competition year by Nov. 30.  However, for 2017 DHD & CT is allowing 2016 volunteer hours to carry forward for award eligibility. This is a test program for 2017 only and will be assessed at the end of the season for future years. Further details are on the volunteer page.  Membership in DHD & CT is not required. At least two scores over 55% in the class, earned at 2 shows, are required for eligibility. In a TOC class entered multiple times by the same horse/rider combination, only the highest score, regardless of test, for the horse/rider combination for each individual show will be considered for the Series Championship awards. The two highest scores from the four shows will be averaged to determine the Champion and Reserve champion for each class. The 2017 shows will be one-ring shows and may fill early; please plan your entries accordingly. The award is presented to the horse and rider combination. The awards will be presented at the annual awards party.

Year End Awards
 for these awards are accepted from any DHD & CT member throughout the year. A closing date for nominations will be announced at the monthly meeting and in the meeting minutes, as will the meeting date when voting will occur. The committee decision will be announced and award presented at a subsequent DHD meeting or event.

Sportsmanship Award - This award is presented to the DHD & CT member who demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship at shows and other club functions. The recipient of this award should promote positive attitudes and good sportsmanship.

Carstensen Member Service Award - This award is named after our founding members Jack and Jane Carstensen. They went above and beyond the call of duty when the words "We need a volunteer," were spoken. The recipient of this award should demonstrate support for the club that goes beyond the usual.

Non-Member Service Award - This award is presented to any person who is not a paid member of DHD & CT but volunteers and assists the club during the year. The purpose of this award is to recognize those non-members who help make our events a success.

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